Hitman Absolution Terminus Item Location

Game guide for Hitman Absolution Terminus Item Location. There are many items you can found , look at the list below and the terminus walkthrough video

Hitman Absolution Terminus Item Location

  • Disguise - Janitor - location : look at The custodians in the lower floor use this item. No janitors are in the upper floors, but this disguise is regarded as neutral in the majority areas on 7F.
  • Disguise - Hope Goon - location : The enemies use this disguise.
  • Disguise - Electrician - location : you can find the guys in the orange safety vests in the lower floor.
  • Worn M590 12GA - location : this Shotgun is discovered in the hotel.
  • Worn Z&M Model 60 - location : the Revolver is used by enemies.
  • Mustang Snub - location : 47's substitute for his Silver Ballers.
  • Gasoline Can - location : look for the can in the basement
  • Fire Extinguisher - location : find the item, Abundant in a hotel.
  • Knife - location : get the knife in the basement
  • Iron - location : tou can find this in the landlady's room
  • hitman absolution terminus Measuring Tape - location : the tape is discovered at the crime scene on 7F. Functions like fiber wire.

hitman absolution terminus walkthrough video

  • Movie Reel - location : you can get this item in the closet by the restroom in the upper floors or the room near the banquet hall with the piano on 8F.
  • Radio - location : get the radio at the laundry chute on 7F
  • Plunger - location : you can pickup it in the restroom on 7F.
  • Scissors - location : find this In the projector room.
  • Statue Bust - location : find this On the floor in the landlady's room, between the Iron and the open window
  • Screwdriver - location : you can pick the screwdrivers in various spots. The toolbox near the elevator in the basement has one.
  • Keycard - location : it's Dropped by the maid who goes to the janitor closet on area 7F.
  • Vase - location : get the vase in Hallway in the upper floors
  • Bottle - location : you can fiind Empty bottles are found on the street.
  • Wrench - location : A few exist, but one is found by the electrician's van on the street.
  • Brick - location : this can be found in the back alley to the side of the hotel.

that's for Hitman absolution terminus item location and walkthrough

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