Hitman Absolution Rosewood Location

There many items in this chapter and this is game guide for Hitman Absolution Rosewood item Location. This is one of cool chapter with fun challenges.

Hitman Absolution Rosewood item Location

Item locations :

  • Disguise - Rosewood Security : Get this disguise in Orphanage Halls from The rent-a-cop who is being tortured . use it, agent 47 will be attacked quickly by other enemies.
  • Disguise - Henchman : you know because Wade's Joker-esque henchmen wear these disguises, so you can get this one from him.
  • Aries 24-7 : this type of guns are bring by enemies in this chapter.
  • SA .44 Auto : This cool weapon is used by wade, so kill wade and then he will drop it.
  • Aries Charging Ram : one of this gun is dropped on information desk of orphanage in 1st floor. This is great weapon, revolver type with firing +P ammunition
  • M590 12GA : this is shutgun and you can get this in the Orphanage's chapel and it's weapon of back-up enemies who spawn to an alert.
  • Zug TMP : this item is PDWs used by enemies

Hitman Absolution Rosewood walkthrough

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Hitman Absolution Rosewood item Location

  • Bottle : you can get many bottles in Central Heating .
  • Book : Get the books in orphanage, there some of books scattered
  • Fire Extinguisher : this one is discovered in the Orphanage too.
  • Fire Axe : Go to orphanage hallways to obtain this item.
  • Knife : go to Central Heating to collect knife
  • Gasoline Can : there are 2 locations in central heating and in the Oprhanage .
  • Syringe : go to orphanage's infirmaries, because there are some of syringe .
  • Toy Robot : find it in the Oprhanage.
  • Fuse : there are 4 fuses for easy-normal mode and 4 fuses for hard/expert mode, read in our fuse guide
That's game guide of Hitman Absolution Rosewood item Location.

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