hitman absolution the king of chinatown locations

This is game guide for hitman absolution the king of chinatown item locations. In this chapter there is also one evidence , it's near cofee cup in the pagoda. There are also 18 challenges, read the challenges in other article in this site. the game is run on PC, Xbox , Wii and PS3

hitman absolution the king of chinatown item locations

List of item locations

  • Disguise - Market Vendor : there are 2 who have this disguise : 1. food vendors , 2.The various stall owners . remember place where the King eats the sushi around it you can locate a bag with the disguise
  • Disguise - Dealer : you can find The King's drug dealer roaming between his apartment, the pagoda, and the back alley , you know it's where the dealer covers a second stash of drugs.
  • Disguise - Chicago SWAT Officer : when agent 47 truns into a mass murderer then These enemies will appear. You may cause a ruckus, drag off a SWAT and take the disguise, after that just reload the checkpoint .
  • Disguise - Chicago Policeman : There's so many police in this point .
  • Z&M Model 60 : this weapon is Fictional S&W Model 60 Revolver , and this one is gun of Chicago Police Department.
  • Swiss 3000 : it's actually a Fictional handgun. you can find this gun around king's sport car in police deposit, or you can get it from the dealer

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Hitman absolution the king of chinatown item locations

  • HX UMP : it's type of H&K UMP. same as swiss 3000 gun you can get this one in the illegal police stash near the King's sportscar.
  • Axe : you can get the axe in one of the stalls.
  • Kazo TRG : Get this Sniper rifle in the dealer's apartment.
  • Brick : this is easy it's junk items on the street.
  • Filet Knife : the knife location is in the stall near the unused merchant disguise.
  • Knife : the location is beside fugu fish near the stall .
  • Gasoline Can : find this item around the stalls.
  • Remote Explosive : this item can be found around the King's sportscar in police stash.
  • Bottle : you know there are many empty bottle
  • Fugu Fish : to get this fugu fish go to stall arounf pagoda. there are 2 market vendors. watch closely a women vendor then while she turn back get it behind her.

That's all hitman absolution the king of chinatown item locations, don't forget to read other game tips

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