Hitman Absolution guide

This is last chapter in the game, and this one is guide for Hitman Absolution Item Locations. You know there are 20 chapters and the first one is personal contract while the last one is absolution.

Hitman Absolution Item Locations

In absolution chapter there are 18 items, 3 evidences and 14 challenges

The evidences are
1. In Cemetary Entrance
2. At a contaqiner in Burnwood Family Tomb
3. At a container in Crematorium ( be careful for the laser tripmine there)

Video gameplay guide for hitman chapter absolution

Hitman Absolution Item Locations list :

  • Disguise - Agency Heavy Tooper : get this disguise from enemies in black armor
  • Disguise - Agency Grunt : you can find this item from enemies in black and yellow
  • Disguise - Agency Technician : this disguise is use by enemy in a blue RACAL suit
  • Agency ARZ 160 and SPS 12 : many Enemies bring this weapons, so take the weapons from them
  • Agency Swiss 3000 : this is good weapon. you can get this weapon from 2 enemies : a grunt in the Burnwood Family Tomb and Jade.
  • Brick : this item location is scattered in game area
  • Kazo TRG : you know agent 47 starts the chapter with this gun.
  • Vase : get this vase from The starting tomb
  • Dog Bone : you can see this item in game area
  • Proximity Mine : same as remote explosive you can find this one From an Agency stash in the Burnwood Family Tomb
  • Remote Explosive : get this bomb item rrom an Agency stash in the Burnwood Family Tomb
  • Book, scissors, screwdriver and Gasoline Can : we are still looking fro this item

That's for game guide for Hitman Absolution Item Locations, read other hitman tips in this site.

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