Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Item Locations

If you are stuck in the chapter, please take alook at this guide for hitman absolution Hunter and Hunted item locations. you can also view video walkthrough of this game chapter.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Item Locations

Item location list :
  • Disguise - Chicago Policemen : you have to find The enemies in this level.
  • Disguise - Store Clerk : this item location is in The market vendors
  • Disguise - Strip Club Bouncer : get it from Vixen Club and Dressing Rooms. The enemies in those levels.
  • Disguise - Chipmunk Costume : you can use Chinese New Year map. The costume you are looking for is on street , just go left from the top of the stairs of the police impound. The disguise is in empty room.
  • HX UMP : this weapon is Used by the Chicago PD
  • Silenced JAGD P22G : this is pistol, and there are two jadgp22g in the Vixen Club.
  • Police M590 12GA : this weapon type is Shotgun and it's used by police, you can find this one at a police cruiser in Courtyard.
  • Knife : find the knife at The stalls in the Convenience Store and in Chinese New Year maps .
  • Cleaver : the location is same as knife in The stalls in the Convenience Store

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted walkthrough

play the youtube video

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Item Locations
  • Bottle : you can find Empty bottles in many places.
  • Fire Extinguisher : look at interior settings.
  • Gasoline Can : find this item in the Courtyard at the trash bin.
  • Keycard : many NPCs fall this items when subdued or slain in the Vixen Club;one of keycard is left out in the door, check at security office
  • Katana : this is type of sword and it's in the stall run by the market vendor who is shot by the target in the alley.
  • Metal Pipe : you can get this item in the Courtyard.
  • Rat Poison : get this item at A stall in Chinese New Year . and you can use it to poison another dish of sushi eaten by the target who smokes.
  • Birdie's File : the location of this item is in the police impound in Chinese New Year
  • Sledgehammer : get this hammer in Derelict Building

That's for Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Item Locations, but here are other gam guide suich as for evidence and challeges, read other game tips trick in this site here.

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