Hitman Absolution Fuse

This is game guide for Hitman Absolution fuse locations . In chapter rosewood game players have to find this electric component. there are 2 modes : easy- normal and hard-expert-purist. Both of modes has different fuse locations.

Hitman Absolution Fuse Locations

Rosewood fuse locations for Normal and easy game mode

  • Find Fuse no 1 at 1F storeroom, this room is in the bottom of the stairs beside the lift. go to the chapel and you will find the storeroom.
  • Get Fuse no 2 at 2F infirmary , it's around the tormented guard. A syringe could be discovered in this room too.
  • Fuse no 3, In the 1F supervisor room there is back counter , find this fuse there. Well it'sbetween chapel and nursery. and at the front counter there is an aries chargin ram revolver.
  • Fuse no 4 , Get this item in medicine room or you can find it in 1F chemistry lab too.

Hitman Absolution fuse locations for Hard, Expert, and Purist game mode

  • Fuse no. 1 : get this item at the front desk of the orphanage, the area is in front of the elevator maintenance door. for this a disguise is required or you can shoot your way to mass murder.
  • Fuse no 2 : the location is in 2nd floor infirmary
  • Fuse no 3 : get this fuse in 1F nursery. you know this room , one with the ball pit that is used for one of challenge.
  • Fuse no 4 : it's in medicine room ( 1F chemistry lab), but relocated nearer to the enemies talking about the big score.

That's for Hitman Absolution fuse locations of rosewood chapter, read also other hitman game tips in this site.

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