Hitman Absolution Birdies Gift Locations tips

This is chapter no 8 in the game, and this is guide for hitman absolution birdies gift item locations and walkthrough. In this chapter there is only one evidence in secret survival bunker, check out the gun range. There are also 18 challenges (read in other article)

Hitman Absolution Birdies Gift Item Locations

Locatioon list :

  • Disguise - Hope Policeman : GEt the disguise from cops in the store . But you must kill a few people first.
  • SA .44 Auto : agent 47 uses Wade's weapon for protection by default.
  • Worn Z&M Model 60 : this weapon is carried by a few enemies here, so look for them and then beat them to take the weapon.
  • Swiss 3000 : get the gun from gun store's shelves
  • Silver Baller : this is agent 47's gun and this is the main goal of completeing this level.
  • Ultramax : you can find ultramax by getting into secret survival bunker (use keycard ) .
  • HX AP-15 and HX UMP : get the game weapons from gun store's shelves
  • Pink Aries Charging Ram : there are 2 locations for this item , 1st in restricted office, 2nd from The cowgirl who challenges agent 47 for a shooting contest

Hitman absolution birdies gift walkthrough

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Hitman Absolution Birdies Gift Item Locations
  • Kazo TRG : this one is sniper rifle, find this rifle from gun range trench that M590 12GA : take this weapon from Lynch (you know Kane and Lynch).
  • stretches out from the bunker entrance.
  • Baseball Bat : location for this item is in gun store
  • Gasoline Can : there are many cans in the secret survival bunker.
  • Metal Pipe : get this game item in the store and around the range .
  • Keycard : go to back counter of the store's cashier area, pick up the key card there
  • Key : find the key in The safe , and the safe location is in the owner's range office
  • Radio : get the radion in the store
  • Notebook : it's in safe and the Silverball case Key is carried by the store owner, the other one is in the survival bunker.

that's for Hitman Absolution Birdies Gift Item Locations game guide, check other tips and tricks for this game still in this site, here

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