Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny Item Locations and Walkthrough

This one is chapter 9 in the game, and here it is Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny Item Locations and Walkthrough. there are 2 evidence in this chapter, one is on 2nd floor of garage and another one is in living room of barbaershop

Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny Item Locations

Item location list

  • Disguise - Hope Plumber : find the disguise from a plumber who goes between his truck and the second Disguise - Mechanic : go to scrapyard entrance, find keycard locked room, there is a white bag, get the disguise there
  • story bathroom in the mechanic garage.
  • Disguise - Hope Policeman : get the disguise from The enemies in this chapter.
  • Disguise - Barber : go to barbershop, open the white bag, pick up the disguise there
  • HX UMP : this type of weapon is used by backup police , agent 47 have to make mass murder to spawn those enemies.
  • Z&M Model 60 : this is a revolver, get from the police.
  • Ilyon R700 : go to the room above the donut shop, find the sniper rifle there
  • M590 12GA : this item is a Shotgun , get this gun in the room above the convenience store.
  • Baseball Bat and bill spike : these items are in the Barbershop.
  • Axe : go to gate of scrapyard , look for door that is locked by keycard, get the item there
  • Brick : got ot Streets of Hope to get the brick.

Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny walkthrough

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Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny Item Locations
  • Bottle : you can find this item in many spots in this chapter
  • Dog's Bone : location for this item is in in the scrapyard
  • Crowbar : look for two oil drums and also on a crate around the electrified fence.
  • Knife : knife is discovered in both levels.
  • Hammer : locate the item in the garage
  • Metal Pipe : find in the Junk around the levels
  • Lighter Fuel : go to barbershop and find around the larder . it's Swapped with the Hot Sauce.
  • Police Baton : first you have to go to donut shop's , check in first floor.
  • Sleeping Pills : from barbaershop you have to go to top floor to get this pills
  • Remote Explosive : you can find this item in Room above the convenience store.
  • Radio : walk to strees of hope, find the Convenience store , get the radio there
  • Screwdriver, wrench and gasoline can : get these item in Various spots in the chapter.
  • Keycard : go to Mechanic garage, check the first floor. it is resting atop a toolcart.
  • Sledgehammer : find a crate In the middle of the scrapyard, pick up the hammer there
  • Notebook : we are still looking for this item

that's game guide for Hitman Aboslution Shaving Lenny Item Locations, read also the challenges guide still in the site here

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