Doors Rooms Game

This is new mobile game and this is Doors Rooms Game tips tricks and guide. Now users can download it for free from since it's run on android operating system, maybe the games will be available for iOS platform soon, so it can be played on iPhone or iPad.

doors rooms game

The game is developed by and now it's been downloaded for about 500.000 in a week. Yes because this game is interested. if you want to download the game go here :

There are 4 chapters until now
guide for Doors & rooms chapter 1 rusty key :
Level 1 : simply open the doors
Level 2 : tap latch to unlock key
Level 3 : pickup hammer, break glass, take the key
level 4 : open drawer, pickup bulb, dismantle it
Level 5 : pick up 2 items on gorund, combine it on inventory
Level 6 : pick up note, read 2531 code, key in to keypad

Doors rooms game video guide

Level 7: pick up box, dimsnatle it on inventory, choose bomb, open fridge, place the bommb inside, close and wait until explodes
LEvel 8 :
Level 9:

doors rooms game

Level 10 : tap keypad , key in : 7 spades, 3 hearts, 2 clubs, 9 diamonds

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