BO2 Intel Locations

Welcome to the game guide for CoD BO2 Intel Locations. The game is published by Activision in US and by Square Enix in Japan. This tips is devided into 11 missions with 33 location of the laptops or intels. To be the best in game you have to found all of them. Follow our hints to get them easily.

Let starts The guide :

First Mission is Pyrrhic Victory
1st intel location : Throughout the first battle , simply take the right way until you find a vehicle what have been destroyed , There you will find mortar and whre is the intel? easy, look at an hole in the ground, there the intel
2nd intel location : Remember when the helicopter crashes? then you are on barge. simply climbup to top deck and go to thr front area. the location of intel is beside machine gun.
3rd intel : The scene is reatreat. when you travel to second location you will see 2 hunting platforms. go to the smallest hunting platform on the left

BO2 intel locations

Second Mission : Celerium
4th BO2 intel locations : When you start the mission you will see 2 drones. Stop. don't get into the complex coz you can't get back, so take the intel first near the drones.
5th : when you have collected the camo suit, enter the office go left to obtail next intel
6th : when you are releasing Erik and getting rid of the enemies, you can enter prev locked room , it's opposite position from container. get the intel there

BO2 intel location

Third Mission : Old Wounds
7th : remember horse riding scene then you are in rebel outpost. Then you talk to their chief. find the intel in the left side
8th : when you have destroyed the flying gunships and beaten 2 tanks. there is red flag. find the intel close to the red flag
9th : In tank attack you will discover a bridge and a cave ini the right. enter the cave to get the intel

BO2 intel locations

Fourth Mission : Time and Fate
10th : BO2 intel locations is behind the barn in the cart. you can see the barn after raul escaping if you meet the horse , leave it and find the barn
11th : Near the main compound you can see a tower at the right. Climb up and jump off at the 2nd floor to find the intel.
12th : Go to cocain bunker , climb up the ladder, turn around and exit from the room. get the intel on bench around the door

Fifth Mission : Fallen Angel
13th BO2 intel location : When starting the mission check out the shelves with claws, get the intel there
14th : Open the door and stay away from a bus: got to the right for a small alcove with the intel on the ground.
15th : After avoiding sneak past the drones and are out of the water, just go straight to get the intel.

for other BO2 intel locations in these missions : Karma, Suffer With Me, Achilles' Veil, Odysseus, Cordis Die , Judgement Day , wait for our update, check it out

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