Black Ops 2 Wild Card Unlock

Call od duty BO2 game guide : Black Ops 2 Wild Card Unlock .

Game players have 10 portion points per class to use on weapons, perks and equipment. every weapon, attachment, perk, and equipment uses 1 allocation point, but you can only spend 10 allocation points per class.

You can save about 3 points for not using perks and this make you have chance to supply more weapon attachments or grenade. In BO2 wild cards you may choose until 3 wildcards for your class.

Black Ops 2 Wild Card Unlock
Black Ops 2 Wild Card Unlock

Level 4

  • Hardline (this is Perk 1): Enables you to gain bonus points for every activity you did, this will make Scorestreak rewards quicker. For instance, taking an enemy flag provides you 200 points, but with Hardline you will have 250 points, it's good right
  • Lightweight (Perk 1): it will permit you to move faster . this will make you are not damage when falling.
  • Cold Blooded (Perk 2): this is good because Make you hidden to enemy targeting systems, including tools such as the Dual Band, Sensor Grenade, and MMS.
  • Toughness (Perk 2): with this you will flinch less when shot by the enemy.
  • Dexterity (Perk 3): this is grat becase you can climb ladders and mantle over obstacles, faster . other benefit is to recover from melee strikes faster.
  • Extreme Conditioning (Perk 3): Enables you to run in sprint mode longer for about twice.
  • Perk 1 Greed (Wildcard): this will let you to choose one extra perk to the Perk 1 slot.

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