Assassin's Creed 3 Bring Down The House Achievement

How to get AC3 assassin's creed 3 bring down the house achievement easily? please follow our guide to get this Liberation game Achieve

Complete 1st element of the peg leg side mission, Then you can go to fort wolcott, the missions commander location is in homestead region at the harbor . Look for one peg leg trinket (don't worry it noticable on your map game). Then give it back to the mission commander. To visit fort wolcott you can use ship, simply stick to the way of the quest and prevent from being recognized. Finish the quest then you will obtain assassin's creed 3 bring down the house achievement

Assassin Creed 3 Bring Down The House Achievement
Asassin's Creed 3 Liberation

Here are other tips in Assassin Creed 3 game :

Getting special crafting materials

Here are several methods to get This
Special Iron Ingots: you have to finish quest for the Miners in the Homestead or it can be discovered with open a chest in area of manor house

While these resources could be gotten by hunting animals, or the materials are offered from the some helpers and artisans close to the Homestead:

  • Farmers, materials : Hides and Wool
  • Hunting only, resources: Bear Grease
  • Huntress: for this : Pelts
  • Lumberer, materials : Barks, Lumbers, Charcoal and of course Kindling
  • Miners, material : Limestone and also Ores

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