Assassin Creed 3 How to Find Pivots

In this game there are many items you have to collect and this is guide for AC3 Assassin Creed 3 pivots how to find. Try our hints to find pivot in assassin's creed liberation.

What is pivot? AC3 Pivot is secret you can discover during the game, but only in online mode. Even so, you may try tutorial in offline mode to get the beginning 3 Pivots. these 3 pivots must be discovered first then you can find other ones.

assassin creed 3 pivots
AC3 pivots

Other pivots locations is located in every place by other game players, That's the reason you have to go online to get other pivots. You can use your 3 pivots to triangulate locations. Create green search area in map by putting these 3 pivots. you can remove pivots with setting the cursor above the pivots while to add pivos place cursor above connor icon.

After establishing seek zone, you can find a square icon on map. This is the way you find new pivots. With new pivots you can unlock animus hack code in option menu. Pivot is engender each half hour, so when other players find the pivot first then the location will be changed.

This is advantage in option menu when you can find pivots

1. Infinite Ammunition: with this you wil have Unlimited pistol ammo and arrows
2. Made Of Steel: advantage is Invincibility
3. Killing Spree: this is for assassinating opponents while not in stealth mode
4. Recruit: this is for unlimited recruit tokens
5. Ninja: Enemy AI disabled; you can dissapear , they will not see or listeing you
6. Semi-Automatic: this will make Ranged guns have no reload time between shots
7. Season Changer: this is useful for toggling seasons between summer and winter
8. Sun And Moon: while this one for swaping Toggle between day and night
9. Weather Man: you can Set current weather situation
10. Thunder Kill: this is cool because of Thunder and lightning after each kill

That's for AC3 pivots assassin creed 3 pivots how to find. Read other tricks and guide for asaassin's creed liberation game.

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