Air Patriots Walkthrough

This new mobile game is funtastic and here it is air patriots walkthrough or gameplay guide. Developed by Amazon game studio and can be run on iOS device llike iPhone , iPAd, iPod (support retina display) and Android devices like samsung galaxy S3, kindle fire etc. Air patriots download is free in itunes, amazone apps and android market or google play site.

air patriots walkthrough
air patriots game

In the game players will have some planes in a squadron to beat the enemies. How to control our planes? you have to draw planes paths. All of your weapon system is mobile so you can move to better places based on your strategy.

air patriots game
air patriots walkthrough

When battle becomes intense you need to set up better defense by improving your planes level and gears collection. These 2 items will also append new airplane to your squadron and also unlock other battlefields. Keep hit high score for every level and every map to get advantage of wave survival level. and don't forget to reach all achievements.

air patriots
air patriots guide

patrol path : this is special path with circular type shape.
Map strategy : there are atleast 7 distinctive maps, so just find the best area to place you best patrol paths. This build your strategy better and you can score higher.
Squadron slection : You are prepared with 13 types of aircraft. but when you begin a level you are only allowed with 5 aircrapts only, so you have to choose the best combination for each level.  And of course you will have different missiles and bombs too.

Youtube air patriot video guide Play here

This is the beginning part for Air Patriots walkthrough guide. Wait for the update with new tips and tricks

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