AC3 Kidd Gloves Achievement

How to get assassin's creed 3 or AC3 Kidd Gloves Achievement ? There is an easiest way to get this Liberation trophy, follow game guide below.

First you have to obtain those twenty four peg leg trinkets and because tehre are many peg leg side mission, you must clear all those side quests too. Then you can visit Oak Island. The person who will give you the mission is waiting you at the harbor in homestead region, so visit him there.

"AC3 Kidd Gloves Achievement"
AC3 Kidd Gloves Achievement

After collecting all peg leg trinkets give them all to that person (who has given you the mission). Then you can play a sequence of spesial side quests. For you who is not play previous game, actually Oak Island is identic with Assassin Tombs. To Get AC3 kidd gloves achievement so Finish the main targets of the missions.

Other tips in AC3 for crafting materials

  • Special Iron Ingots: for this you need to unlock a chest behind manor house or you can clear exclusive quest for the miners in your homestead
  • Hunting Materials: Pelts
  • Hunting Only Materials: Bear Grease
  • Lumberer Materials: Lumbers, Charcoal, and Barks also Kindling,
  • Miners Materials: Limestone and Ores
  • Farmers Materials: Wool and Hides
  • Discovered Materials: you have to hunt or skin animals

That's for game tricks about assassin's creed 3  AC3 Kidd Gloves Achievement and crafting materials. Read also other tricks

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