200 Doors Level 14 -15 Explanation

How to pass 200 doors level 14 - 15 - 16 time machine smartphone game? don't worry we have guide with explanations
Check out our step by step hints below

200 doors level 14

200 doors level 14
look at switch beside top left painting. turn it on.
focus to square numbers above the door
enter :02-10-20-50

200 doors time machine level 15
take out wood board left beside the troya horse
now hold yur smartphone then tilt to the right so you can see soldiers
pick up knife from thirs soldier
tap knife to rope to cut it (it's on whhel)
now hold again smartphone then tilt left so the door shows up

200 doors Level 16
look at cross at the left side of you screen
tap up - tap down - tap left - tap right

After this 200 doors level 14 , 15 and 16 please read next level solution

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