White Room Walkthrough iPhone Game

Welcome to new beautiful iphone game, and if you need guide this is white room walkthrough solution. This page contain hints and clues to help you solving the game.

step 1. tap balloon then place to inventory. Then tap the table to make it large, there is code numbers under table. but you dont need to break code now just pickup needle there (top rigt corner of your zoom screen) then tap it to balloon

game step 2. Unite screwdriver handle with the tip, find electric socket then unscrew to get 2 screws with screwdriver then push the center of it then you will have the circle piece. Now back to white table then pickup white marker

white room walkthrough

white room walkthrough

game step 3. Go to room with shelves , tap the white case to see it bigger. for this box you have to use screwdriver then get a bar. then combine with ball on top shelf

step 4. tap ball then use white marker then place it to electric socket, now you have done with electric socket , quickly go to table and now ou look at the code number clearly 5248

step 5. key in the code then pickup something like coin there. then combine with white circle in your inventory

game step 6. now place coin to electric socket then you will get the key, tap white-black circle on the right side of socket (it's like shooting target rounding) then put the black one there in the center of it

white room walkthrough
white room walkthrough

step 7. now you get the code 423 then close the door. then zoom the white-blackcircle then get the ball again

step 8 . now put the black ball as the handle for lever so you have to lever with white handle and black handle then get the key then open the door

game step 9. tap left and right. now follow the path started with circle and ended with arrow on the shelves then you will get the code 1-2 for the key to open the door

For detail guide of this white room walkthrough please look at the explanation image

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