Super Villain Walkthrough

Welcome to new update of poptropica game, this super villain walkthrough is new island after lunar colony. Hope you enjoy the game, Please follow the game guide steps below.

super villain walkthrough

Stage 1 : The Oil Drill

First you have to Visit Super Villain Island of course, it's location is close to oil drill place .  Then straight up the structure then go right to enter the control room. Talk to the operator (a woman) , she talk that Dr. Jupipter want to send the workers from rig again. remember the point word, it's again. Then the woman want you to leave the room

So just get out of there. when the operator said : a chopper is there... so wait for it. then jump in

super villain walkthrough

super villain walkthrough

Stage 2 : Getting There

In this Scene you will arrive in the center of storm. A bad weather then the pilot allow you to jump. So simply jump don't worry because the pilot gives you walkietalkie and of course a parachute. So control your parachute and always look at the lightning. if you see escalating light on top screen , quickly move. Finally you will be landing in the ocean.

So choose to go to the right side and hop to the platform until you end up in the top. wait for a moment near the camera and the gate will open. Now you are in the place Called Erewhon Prison for super villains

super villain walkthrough
super villain walkthrough

Stage 3: Dr. Jupiter’s Lab Rat

First task you just need to talk to the guard, He will try to let you go back, but be calm . Try to speak to second guard then you will see a gate will open. You will have several security check such as x-ray, scan, blow drie etc.

Now enter the guard room and some one will say that jupiters' lured in anoter sucker and other guys answer with lock them up and throw aways the key. Go through untul you find elevator of Dr. jupiters'lab. enter the lab by clicking the button close to elevator

Now you need to place that 2 villain with mustaches together.  After on the top of the way talk to Dr. Jupiter. He is one with glasses and white beard, Can you find him? Dr. Jupiter will tell you that you will be in an essencial science experiment with four guys remember the returning four? they are : Binnary bard,  captain crawfish, Dr. Hare and balck window.

super villain walkthrough
"super villain walkthrough"

Then Dr. J eplains you about evil and totems which is the sources of evil for every the returning 4. He said that you have to enter their minds and take back the totems by utilizing a special machine

Super Villain youtube video Walkthrough

so g to the machine and take captain crawfish's dream.  Other things are spread in the dreams of 2 and 3 guys. use up and down button to choose the sleeper. and click blue button  to get in to the dream. Then you will be transferred to the dream. Enjoy your adventure. Go to next super villain walkthrough guide here

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