Pocket God 46

Welcome to new game guide update of pocket god 46. This episode is really cool, many gamers love this level. But some players asked how to do things in this game. don't worry just follow our step by step hints below.

pocket god 46

pocket god episode 46

  • First you have to go into the plague room.
  • Now walk into purification location.
  • It's about pygmy game now, put it in plague fountain.
  • again put Pygmy but now the alternate one

    pocket god 46
     pocket god level 46

  • put down again Pygmy , now in purification fountain, then the alternate pygmy
  • then Pygmy dies from plague it's beaten by purification
  • so pygmy take plague corpse, then simply throw it
  • Look a hurricane, it pick up that plague corpse
  • then sick the pygmy coughs - barfs and sneezes, oh don't forget another on pygmy sneezes

    pocket god episode 46
    pocket god 36

  • Now pygmy must spray purification, then clean hands
  • but you know pygmy is infected by germs so it should be sprayed by purification
  • Then infected game is began, the germ infects fishing pole, then outhouse, then firewood and oh boy the same infection to Ape altar, what a bad germ
  • Then ape mountain bongos and mountain winch is infected too
  • Now pygmy turns. it's stared in fishing pole, then infection is in outhouse - igloo - fire wood - ape altar - ape bongos -- ape winch and finally by plague corpse

    pocket god level 46
    "pocket god 46"

  • Now clearing time. just clear the plague using tsunami.
  • Look at giant ape, give it the plague, give the shark too, so with T-Rex give it too.
  • finally give the monkey plague

Done you have finished pocket god 46, for better game understanding look at the picture here.

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