New 100 Bill Story

This is weird story because how can The thief could stole a large amount of new 100 bill while it has not been released yet by bank? But The story is true and it happened yesterday in Philadephia.

This new $100 bill design will be release next year (2013). Treasury department has new design with easier indentification with Liberty Bell in an orange inkwell and a bright blue security ribbon.

New 100 bill

new 100 bill

This new $100 bill is carried with a plane from Dallas to Philadelphia for distribution. The plane landed at 10:30 at the airport and then the notes was delivered to Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford by a courier service.

This theft is not discovered until employee in Federal Reserve check out the amount of bill. We think They were surprised to know that large amount of money has gone . So the theft should be at Airport when the thief has big chance to steal the money, may when it was moved from plane to the car.

new 100 bill
"new 100 bill" stolen

The Next question is how much? A source said it's about $20,000. but it has not been confirmed by the Treasury department or FBI. Now FBI in investigation to reveal the case.

But the funny thing from this incident is that the thief could not use the money until next year when this new 100 bill series is launched formally. -oct 2012-

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