Dooors Level 62

It's different between 100 doors and dooors level 62 game, if you are looking for the walkthrough and explanation of dooors62, please follow our posting.

Dooors Level 62

On this level level you will see three red button on ground, 3 on right side and three on left side, it's simple you just need to push all the buttons at the same time, and while they are on quickly push the door

the door of "dooors level 62" will open now you can go to next level

dooors 62 walkthrough video

dooors 62
That's game guide for dooors level 62 read also other other game tips and be sure you choose the right guide dooors with 3 lette o or doors with 2 letter o, and there are also 100 doors , 100 doors 2013 game. Read all the guide on this site

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