Dishonored Sokolov Painting Locations

New Game Release on October 2012, There are many unlockables and this is Dishonored Sokolov painting locations. There 6 items : High Overseer Campbell then House Of Pleasure then The Royal Physician then Lady Boyle's Last Party then Return To The Tower and the last one is The Flooded District

High Overseer Campbell game mission
You have to find the secret button. the button is on the wall across kennel's gate. Once you get the button simply push it then go inside. Find the basement of overseer's mansion. there you will find the paintings

Dishonored Sokolov painting locations
Dishonored Sokolov painting locations

House Of Pleasure game mission
First you have to find the key, it's a safe combination. Before this find the dealer. he is in the art dealer apartment. Ask him or push him to get the key. You can also hel a lady in the alley on the boulevard (wall of the light). Then you will be easier to get the paiinting in the safe.

Other painting location is in the 3rd floor. Find it in the bedroom on that floor.
Find also the painting in 2nd floor. You will see 2 goons learning there. Just beat the thugs before you can take the painting

The Royal Physician game quest
Go to sokolov's house. Ba careful to find the guards. beat them all then you can pick up the painting easier.

"Dishonored Sokolov painting locations"
Dishonored Sokolov painting locations

Lady Boyle's Last Party game task
The painting location will be various. it's based on where the 3 sisters is stay. You will get this painting when you look for boyle sisters. and you will look for her in second floor.

Another painting location is in a gallery in the mansion, the place is on second floor. go to show room and you will find it in the front of show room

Return To The Tower mission
Go to tower interior. Find the second floor . One of the room is equipped with fireplace instruments. Look at the roof over fireplace. the painting is hang there.

Dishonored Sokolov painting locations
Dishonored Sokolov painting locations

The Flooded District game mission
In the Waterfront region, lfind a big apartment with 3 floor. The painting you are looking for location is on the 3rd floor. Try to use Blink to get it before going to the refinery.

Look for another painting . you can find it after raiding the Assassins' Headquarters. when you get back from it you will find chain. Climb down the chain search a platform.

The last painting location is in the sewers in the Old Port District Outskirts. Find the painting in upstairs from the Granny Rags' area.
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