Dishonored Safe Code

Finally we can play the game this week and there are many unlockables. Dishonored safe code combination is one of many items should we found. There are more then ten safe combination set and it found in several game missions. Here it is the list of the codes

Dishonored Safe Code

If you haven't played the game, dishonored is a game with strategy to make decision. Game player have to find the way to find and reach the target? infiltration to enemy base and how to escape clearly. Sometimes the operation should without lethal action.

Code : 451 you will find this code in Dishonored mission.
You should remember the place where corvo received the gear. Yes it's in the sewer past. look for bottles behind the safe

Code : 217 you will meet the code in High Overseer Campbell mission.
You can use this code to unlock kennel door. kennel location is in averseer's base. Find the hint to this code in kennel cell where there are prisoners corps

Code : 287 you need this code in High Overseer Campbell mission
Go to Dr. Galvani's home. Look for journal and find the number which is loved by the Mr. Galvani.

Dishonored safe combination
Dishonored safe code

Code 2-0-3 (other different combination which is working too : 879 , 138, 656, 679) the mission is still in High Overseer Campbell
Look at backyard map to find the safe in overseer's base. You can get the code by help a lady or by reading the notes in the hall

Code : 294 Use the code in The Royal Physician mission
You can get the code from prisoners if you can turn off wall of light. the safe location is behind the drawing. in a building outside sokolov, use north end map

Code : 473 in he mission The Royal Physician
Use Drawbridge Way map to find he safe in Practchett's home

Code: 696 (or 656-138-879) find the safe in House of Pleasure mission
Look at artist resident map , try the those codes and one of them should work

Dishonored Safe Code
"Dishonored safe code" List

Code :428 You will need the combination in Flooded District game mission
Look at Daud's base map to find safe (underwater)

Code: 528 (or 525-628) still in Flooded District mission
Use old district sewer map. Find the safe with bone charm beside

Code : 935. mission : Return to the Tower
The map you have to use is Dunwall Tower map. The safe is belong to Lord Regent Hiram Burrows

That's for Dishonored safe code or dishonored safe combination list. Please find other dishonored game tips tricks in this site

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