Dishonored Rune Locations Detail 40 Runes

Do you need to upgrade your ability to be more powerfull ? so you need to find Dishonored rune Locations. This is a game text guide. We have about 40 Runes with detail hints.

Dishonored Rune Locations
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Rune is actually bone that has been became fosil. Corvo need this to make his power better with supernatural ability. Arkane Studio as Game developer has placed runes in several locations. Here they are.

House of Pleasure Runes
1. You can get this rune in bookshelf in Dr.Galvani lab
2. Pick the rune from table at 2nd floor in the building in Golden cat region
3. Still on 2nd floor when you meet a girl just take the girl for dating because you will get the rune from her
4. On 3rd floor (stilll in golden cat) Look for door in a hall when you will find a lady. The rune is behind her
5. Find it in the safe in art dealer apartment, it's in distillery distric (remember the combination of the safe is 879)

Dishonored Runes in House of Pleasure – Hounds Pit Area
1. Get the rune in underwater in the sewer close to 2 weepers.
2. This one is placed on cabinet

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Dishonored Rune Locations

Dishonored Rune Locations

High Overseer Campbell Runes
1. You will get this rune as prize from Grany because you save her from thughs. This run location is on 2nd floor in Grany's apartment
2. You must get a rat viscera. You have infiltrate Dr. Galavani's house and get this from the lab. Then Grany will give another rune, still at 2nd floor
3. This rune can be found behind Grany Rag Apartment go to alley
4. Get the rune on the table in Guard post in distillery disrict
5. Pick up the rune from painting frame on the wall in overseer mansion
6. Get the rune from Campbell secret room. There is wooden box, break it.

High Overseer Campbell/Hound’s Pit Area Dishonored Runes Locations
1. The run is in first sojourn
2. Find this rune in the region close to hounds pit
3. You must buy this rune from piero, simple right
4. First you have to find workshop after go into backyard then get the key from guard, in the workshop there is board and the rune locations is beside it.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party Runes
1. find security check point, walkt to the right side when you will find red wall. enter then go up to blue door. Find the rune there with outsider shrine
2. This is a bit difficult because the rune is underwater in the river (look for the rune in the middle area)
3. This one is in Vault which you can get the key in Ludia's room in 2nd fl

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Dishonored Rune Locations
"Dishonored Rune Locations"

The Royal Physician Runes
1. The location is at doorway, take this tune from balcony
2. Pick up the rune from safe in Pratchett house , combination for the safe is 473
3. You will get the rune in outsider shrine in the house beside pratchett house
4. Find the rune in the deskt in midrow substation
5. The run is place on deskt in sokolav house

Runes in Return to the Tower – Hounds Pit
1. You have to talk to pedleton. Tell him about Boyle Quest. then you will receive the rune
2. Get the rune in Boyle sister's room but do not beat them rudely
3. The run will be given to you by Emily so find emily with dark vision tool

Return to the Tower Dishonored Runes
1. Get the rune from small building after passing patroling tallboys
2. Look for the rune in the chest inside Lord Regent chambers on 2nd Fl
3. Seek for Torturer's room. The room is in the basement. There is outsider shrine with rune you are looking for.
4. This one is in the planting room (switch off the lamp first)

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Dishonored Rune Locations
Dishonored Rune Locations

The Flooded District Runes
1. In Refinery you will climb down and open big door then find the rune in the ground
2. The rune is in the bottom after climbing down the cahin in area inside the door after Assassin hideout
3. From the rain track , you have to jump through window to new building the go to roof, get the rune there
4. Pick up the rune from Grany room after Helping Grany Rags first
5. Get the rune in the lower level after the sewer

The Loyalists Runes
1. The rune location is on 2nd Fl in Piero Shop (hounds pit tavern)

The Light at the End Runes
1. The place of this rune is on the gorund in Gatehouse Drainage

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