Dishonored Outsider Shrine Locations

Dishonored game that is developed by Arkane studios has great hidden items. And this is Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations guide. In this game you are a cool bodyguard who become a assassin.

Dishonored is released at oct 9 and published by Bethesda Softworks

Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations
"Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations"

Here are The outsider outshrine which by this you will get information of mysterious outsider char

1. High Overseer Campbell game mission:
You find one outsider shrine in this mission in the back alley. To get there just go up to the balcony. Then find granny Rags Apartment. There is door and open it to be in the path behind Granny's house

Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations
Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations

2. The Royal Physician mission:
You know eerie building, it's close to Lord Pratchett house. Go to the roof and use your blink to get to the uncanny room. get in the room and you will find the outsider shrine there.

3. Lady Boyle's Last Party game quest:
When you start the mission yuu will find an old building it's close to boyle's estate. There are many weepers just kill them all to be in the top floor of the building. There, in the top floor you will get the outsider shrine

Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations
"Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations"

4. Return To The Tower mission:
Find the item in the tower torture chamber. On the first floor use stairs to go down. and find the shrine there.

5. The Flooded District game task:
To be in this mission you have to finished Granny rags ans slackjaws before. Talk to granny and slackjaws. After that look for door beside furnace. Then you can find ousider shrine there.

Beside Dishonored Outsider Shrine locations there are other game unlock guides, find it here.

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