Can You Open It Walkthrough

Another Puzzle or escape game for iOS device, this is Can you open it walkthrough or guide with text and image. But yhis is not the same as other games because you will find the graphics is great with good color combination.

With your iPhone / iPod / iPad with new display technology and high resolution will make this game is fantastic to be played.

can you open it walkthrough
can you open it walkthrough

Level 1
This is the easist way simply pick up the key and tap the kee hole on the door to open it

Level 2
Look at the plant on the right side one, push it until the you get the stick, then slide the door with 2 fingers.

can you open it walkthrough

Level 3
You have to find the key first. it's on the light, so shake your iPhone to make the key fall down. then you know what you have to do with the key.

"can you open it level walkthrough" level 4
Look at the pictures beside door. it's actually numbers so the answer for first row is 2-5 and second row is 6-8

can you open it walkthrough

Level 5
You will find sun on this level, so simply touch and keep touching it. Next is rotating with the same direction of the arrow. keep this way until the bar is full. and the door will open up

Level 6
Move the puzzle pieces to make the word door with letter -D- is red color and the position is top left. First letter -O- is yellow for top right, then letter O with green color on bottom left, the last one is blue R on bottom right, look at the picture for detail

For other game Levels of can you open it walkthrough go to other guide in this site.

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