Can You Open It Level 8

When you arrive at this game stage you will find colorful door. We have found the answer for can you open it level 8. Look at the steps below

Let's begin with previous level

can you open it level 8
"can you open it level 8" and 7

Stage 7
- Tap the music symbol on the door, listen for the tune
- Re-play the tune by pressing piano tuts
- The answer is : push this tuts sequence (white tuts from left) :
first black tuts

Go to next level

can you open it level 8

can you open it level 8
You have to make color of buttons same as color on the door, just tap left and right button to make this color arrangement

  • top color is red
  • 2nd color is yellow
  • 3rd color is green
  • 4th color is blue
  • 5th color is pink

Look at the picture for better understanding of passing can you open it level 8 game. go to next level guide

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