Can You Open It Level 10

Welcome to puzzle game guide of can you open it level 10 . On this stage you will find compass while on stage 9 you will find numbers and symbols.

can you open it level 10

Stage 9 game

  • Well actually it's not so hard to be decoded
  • first look at the symbols above the door
  • match the symbol's face with the box of numbers on the door.
  • Then tap the number based on the symbols code.
  • The answer is : number 9 then 1 then 6-7-5-4-2

can you open it level 10

Can you open it level 10

  • The clue is what's news
  • tap the point a bit above N and wait for a click sound. After that simply tap the compass.
  • Do the same above trick but the point is little right of E
  • the point is a bit left of W , tap it , wait the tap the compass
  • the last one is a bit below S

You have completed Can you open it level 10, now move to next game guide here

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