Asus Vivo Tab vs Microsoft Surface

These are tablets withh same OS windows 8 and RT. Let's compare Asus Vivo Tab vs Microsoft Surface. There are two types tablet with Intel processor and with Arm processor.

Asus vivo tab is powered by Intel Atom processor , of course the operating system is Windows 8, while windows surface pro is powered by Intel i5 processor. (Intel processor is CISC processor)

Asus Vivo Tab vs Microsoft Surface
Asus Vivo Tab vs Microsoft Surface

Then Asus vivo tab RT is powered by Nvidia Quadcore processor (ARM type or RISC processor) with windows RT OS. This specs is same as microsoft windows RT tablet.

Asus Vivo Tab and RT Microsoft surface RT and Pro
intel atom for vivo tab processor Intel i5 for surface pro
Nvidia tegra quadcore vivoRT Nvidia tegra quadcore for RT
11.6 inches screen 10.6 "
1366x768 - 135 ppi resolution 139 ppi
wifi+4G LTE net connection wifi + 4G LTE
24 oz / 675 gr weight 1.5 lbs
$399 vivo RT (Nvidia processor) Price $499 (32GB)   surface RT
$599 without keyboard docking + $100 touch cover
$799 with keyboard docking +$129 type cover
9 - 10 hours battery 9 - 10 hours
64 GB memory 32/64 and 64/128 (pro)
micro SD / SDHC expansion slot micro SD
windows RT and windows 8 OS windows RT and win 8
8 MP + 2MP (front) camera 720 p video for rear and front
"Asus Vivo Tab vs Microsoft Surface"
yes keyboard docking yes
ver 4.0 bluetooth yes
micro HDMI type d HDMI HDMI
micro USB USB micro USB
yes GPS no
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass
Asus vivo tab RT vs microsoft surface RT

Asus Vivo Tab RT vs Microsoft Surface RT

Asus Vivo tab is also knows as Asus Tablet 810
Asus vivo tab RT is also knows as Asus Tablet 600

As The operating system is microsoft windows then both vivo and surface tablet are equiped with office application such as Microsoft Word , MS Excel, Power Point etc.

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