100 Missions Level 8

Can you solve new stage of this escape game? If you are stuck you can follow this guide for 100 missions level 8. Not as other smartphone game which only has one screen to pass a level, this game has many screen session that make the game interesting

100 missions level 8
Go to "100 missions 8"

Before that let's review previous game level

100 mission 7
  • the goal is to escape from the ship through hatch
  • get the combination then go to locker open with code 9717 , get the fire extinguisher to put of fire on locker
  • then you will see the code break it by 9 multiplier 9 x 627 - 4 = 5639
  • Use the code to open bag then pickup other items
  • solve the color code by column and row code from paper you have picked up before
  • then go to hatch to escape, mision done! let's move to next game level

100 Missions Level 8
  • tap sleeping pills and p ut to the cup of the guard to make him sleep, then get the key
  • open safe box on the wall pick other keys and blue tape from pictures
  • use car jack to lift the car, take the bag and get coins
  • use key to open red car
  • tap 2x under steer then cut the wire using pliers
  • use blue tape and manual from inventory to connect the wire.
  • red-blue then yellow-yellow, then blue-green then green - red
  • now you can o pen the door by pushing the wood board. use green key to open panel
  • tap coins from inventory and place it to panle number 3-7-11
  • go to elevator (lift) place car jack between door then tap the jack 2x
  • go to the lift.

100 missions level 8, Please go to next step of this game guide

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