100 Gates 37 - Level 38

This is one of most complicated game puzzle but be calm we have guide for 100 gates 37 and level 38. Please read our detail steps below

100 gates 7

Tips and tricks
One of key to solve this level is timing, game players should match all 3 lasers shoot 3 white circle on the gate or door.

Please remember the way to move the bottom laser
The left laser is moved by shaking
while the right laser is moved by tapping

So when top laser shoot to up right (diagonal) push the right laser
And when top laser shoot to bottom right (diagonal) shake your android

And when all three lasers shoot the white circles , be quick to tap the middle of the gate. Done, "100 gates 37". Look at explanation image of level 37 here

100 gates level 38

100 gates level 38

This level is not so complicated. Simply match those 4 dragon circles match with the other image.

The answer is :
2 top dragon circles (with pink and green color) are facing up side
2 top dragon circles (with blue and yellow color) are facing down side
lok at the picture above.

Now you have completed 100 gates 37 and 100 gates level 38. We are glad if we can help you with this game hints

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