100 Gate Level 39

How to pass 100 Gate Level 39 game? If you ask this question it's oke since the puzzle is math variant. don't worry we have the answer. Not as math puzzle before this one has not comlicated equation with array, it's only simple equation like adder, substractor and mupltiplier.

100 gate level 39
100 gate 39

On the screen you will see scales, that's the key. The answer is how to balance the scales.

Look at those apples. All of them have numbers with simple math equation. Have you ever sum all equation? the result is 222.

Now what should we do with this 222? simply devide them by 2, why? because the scales have 2 sides left and right. Now we have new number 111 as he result of 222:2. Make the sum of six apples in the left and right scales = 111.

The answer for "100 gate level 39"
Apples For left scale
3x3 , 89-6
24+8, 41-12
12+16, 70-60

Apples For the right scale
30-30, 9+8
13x2, 5x5
18+9, 37-21

Next, just open the door
Well you have solve 100 gate level 39 game.

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