100 Floors Seasons 9

How do you beat 100 floors seasons 9 ? if you have question like this, you are in the right place because we have the answer. Many game players ask the same question and please read our guide below.

First let's review the previous level

100 floors seasons 9

100 floors seasons 8 game
First make digit H combination then digit T cobination

  • Turn on the box to make H : 9-7-4-5-6-3-1
  • Then turn of the box to make T : 5-7-9

100 floors seasons level 9
100 floors seasons 9

100 Floors Seasons 9
There are bats. you have to count the bats and convert to game action

  • Push button on the left side (arrow with white color)
  • Drag down righ door (door is split, look at the line in the middle of door)
  • Push left white arrow button
  • Drag up left door
  • Push left white arrow button
  • Push right  white arrow button

After finishing 100 floors seasons 9 game now move to next guide level here

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