100 Doors Level 82

How to solve 100 doors level 82 - 81 game? simply follow our guide or walkthrough here :

100 doors level 82

For stage 81
Look at the disk, it has 5 layers with empty space in each layer.
Your job is easy rotate each layer to drop the red ball.
The ball will drop and finally touch the green button on the ground
Done, you have open the door

100 doors 82
In this puzzle you have to across goat, cabbage and wolf by boat. but don't let one eat another.

100 doors 82
"100 doors level 82"

1. across goat, (leave the wolf with cabbage, because wolf will not eat cabbage)
2. take boat back, then across cabbage,
3. take back goat then across wolf
4. finally across goat again, now all of them has crossed the river

Or simply tap this order : Goat then boat then cabbage then goat then wolf then boat then goat.

You have finished 100 doors level 82 Now go to next level here

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