100 Doors Level 80

Now we are on new stage of game 100 doors level 80 - 79, and this is the solution

Stage 79
There are four white switches beside the doors and one hidden switch on the bricks. it's just above top right switch.

100 doors level 80
"100 doors level 80" and 79 game

The answer is
Tap top left switch
TAp top right switch
Then Tap the hidden switch

100 Doors 80
In this level you have to make line among all dots, but the line should be crossed only once. How to do this?

100 doors level 80
100 doors level 80 game

So tap the following dot sequence
top - down right - down - left - diagonal upright - left - up down left - down - right - diagonal up right -right - down

Or if we put numbers on each dots follow this steps : 1-4-7-6-4-3-1-2-5-6-2-3-6

We think this one is quiet difficult, After this 100 doors level 80 guide , go to next game hints here

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