Subway Exits New York Walkthrough Tricks

Welcome to new puzzle game for iPhone and this is subway exits new york walkthrough . Of course other iOS devices such as iPad or iPod can play this interesting game too.

The graphics is good and the gameplay is fun about train that take you to any station in new york city. The puzzles are not so easy but not too difficult too, this will make the game pleasure. So Let' start the Game guide and tricks

subway exits new york walkthrough

Subway Exits New York Walkthrough

Level 1
Simply touch play button on the left side of your smartphone screen, then the go to next station

Level 2
Do not touch the timer but tap the little red button. it's location is on the poll of the traffic light

Level 3
Now start with tilting your iPhone. first to the right until the train enter station, Now you have to hold the door, do it in spotlight so you see the green button, then tap is quickly.

subway exits new york walkthrough

subway exits new york cheats

Level 4
This is just like stock chart, green arrow means bull while red arrow means bear. so for the answer, simply touch the bull and bear with this sequence, tap bull then bull again then tap bear - bull - bear- bull - bear - bear.

Level 5
There are 4 doors and you have to open with different way
1. tap the door to open first door
2. tilt to left then tilt to right to open second door
3. tap and hold the door until it open
4. Drop the pass by shaking your iphone then use the pass to open door by tapping the blue device on the right (this is good security in newyork)

Level 6
Tap the left gong (chinese drum with yellow circle). Then tap lantern with the same symbol as on the right gong. then you will get a stick to hit the right gong

subway exits newyork walkthrough

Level 7
From the left side tap the white dot, then slide your finger, follow the white dots, becareful do not slip from the way. do it until finish

What an interesting game, so continue this "subway exits new york walkthrough" to next level solution guide here

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