Subway Exits New York Level 13 Guide Game

This stage is a bit hard but you can try our game guide to solve Subway Exits New York Level 13. Let's try with level 12 which the task is to repair broken panel and disconnected wires.

Subway Exits New York Level 13

Level 12
- Pick up 2 tools from toolbox (lef corner of your screen)
- tap three broken panels to repair them
- now tap all 4 disconnected wires at same times (see picture above), hold your tap then tap again red button under traffic light (game developer use iphone screen specs that can handle more then 5 5 points multitouch screen)

Subway Exits New York Level 13

Subway Exits New York Level 13

Level 13
- Simply make the 6 boxes colored with this sequence (from top left to right): Orange then Green -Orange. for bottom boxes : Purple - Green - Purple
- Why the answer is like above colors? because you have to combine the left ground colors with the right ones. detail explanation is like this

Yellow mix with Red color = Orange
Blue mix with Yellow color = Green
Red mix with Yellow color = Orange
Red mix with Blue color = Purple
Yellow mix with Blue color = Green
Blue mix with Red color = Purple

Hope this subway exits New York level 13 game guide will help you, now go to next level guide.

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