Hearthfire Walkthrough Skyrim Full Guide

This is new DLC of the game, Have you tried? It's not so hard with this guide : skyrim hearthfire walkthrough. For your information this is second DLC of The elder scrolls V game. the first one is Dawnguard.


hearthfire walkthrough

The main ide in hearthfire is to build house, folow the easy steps guide below

A. Buy a plot of land.
Just get a deed
There are many locations to build house : Falkreath, Hjaalmarch, and The Pale

B. Second Step is to use Carpenter's Workbench and Drafting Table
You can Produce a room from raw material by using new crafting station with its drafting table and carpenter workbench. For firt time just build a small house layout with materials such as lock , hinges, nails and iron fittin

C. Build a Room
You can start by make a simple room, you may choose a room like bedroom, kitchen, lybrary etc

skyrim Hearthfire Walkthrough

skyrim hearthfire walkthrough

D. Extend Rooms Building
In this level you can build a complicated building such an enchantrees tower, green house or even alchemy lab that you can
grow any material you want in your house

E: Furnishing
To furnish room you can use interior workbench. to make is glitter you can melted mud crabs in trophy rooms.

F. Exterior building
Make you house beutiful with garden or apiary or fish hatchery, you can make this things in backyard.

G. Help your self
Do not wo everything by your self, so simply hire Stewards,you can choose valdimar or Rayya. they can help you by buying materials, or equiping your house with furnishings.
t with
After you finish you house now you can start with moving spouse to your home.

to do this ismply talk to wife/husband:
We could live in my house in Hjaalmarch.

then Select the option to let the spouse move to new home you have just built.

What next? sure adopt a child
if you want to adopt a child such as gralnach or lucia , simply talk to them like this :
I could adopt you, if you want

After adopting you can let them have pets or playing such a games. there are option for talking to kids like:
I've got something for you, lucia
Go do your chores, lucia

For detail guide go to next tips Beside this simple skyrim hearthfire walkthrough

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