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This is new DLC for the game and of course game player may need skyrim hearthfire cheats. Please follow all the articles on this site for full content

There some items on this file.

1. Achievements

A. Proud Parent achievements with 10 points: you have to adopt a child
For adopting a child, go to major city then you are going to be given 2 letters by a courier.One of them is from Honorhall in Riften, HE ask you to talk to Constance to adopt one of three children. But first you have to build a Child’s Room in your home.

Skyrim Hearthfire Cheats

skyrim hearthfire cheats

B Landowner achevement with 10 points : you have to Buy a plot of land
first Go to any Hold and a Courier will come to you, giving you a letter. The content of the letter is information for you that you can buy a plot of land.

C. Land Baron achevement with 10 points: you have to Buy three plots of land
These can be bought in The Pale, Haafingar, or Falkreath. every plot price is $5,000

D. Architect / Master Architect achevements with 10 points: to get this you have to develop 3 wings on a house / Build three houses

2. Build a house

A. Purchase a Plot of Land
To buy a plot of land, you have to talk to one of three Jarls. You can locate the Jarl in Dawnstar, Morthal, or Falkreath.

B. Construct a House
After you purchased a plot land g to the site. you will get a Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Bench. These is important to make material such as : hinges, nails, locks, and fittings.
Every plot start with a treasure chest, made from: 30 Quarried Stone, 30 Clay, 6 Iron Ingots, and 1 Corundum Ingot. Get small house layout from drafting table then choose rectangle of foundations

Skyrim Hearthfire Cheats

skyrim heartfire cheat house

C. Raw Materials:
Sawn Logs material: you can buy this from a Saw Mill.
Clay material : you can Use a pickaxe on a brown mound
Quarried Stone material : you can Use a pickaxe on a large rock close to construction site.
Straw material: buy this material by a servant or at general stores.
Goat Horns material: buy from general stores.
Glass material : buy by a servant or from general stores.
Crafted Materials:
Lock: 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Corundum Ingot crafts you will get 1 Lock
Hinge: 1 Iron Ingot crafts , you will get 2 Hinges
Iron Fittings: 1 Iron Ingot crafts you will get 1 Iron Fitting
Nails: 1 Iron Ingot crafts you will get 10 Nails

D. Build A Small House
Do this sequence : foundation, walls, floor, roof then doors
for Foundation: you will need 10 Quarried Stone and 1 Sawn Log
for Wall Framing: you will need 10 Nails, 6 Sawn Logs
for Walls: get it by 8 Nails, 4 Clay, 2 Sawn Logs
for Floor: made from 4 Quarried Stone
Roof Framing: made from 6 Sawn Logs
for Roof: you will need 10 Nails, 1 Sawn Log
to make a Doors: you need 2 Hinges, 2 Nails, 1 Lock, 1 Iron Fitting, 1 Sawn Log

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E. The Main Hall: Building Your Mansion
After building a Small Home, now you can start to build some exterior features and indoors

F. Then you can hire a servant. Some Followers can be your Steward, the can collect crafting materials for you, or they can be hired from the Jarl or Jarl’s Steward.
After all of this steps now you can invite your spouse to live at you home

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