Bubble Mania Level 72 Tips Solution

How to Solve bubble mania level 72? many gamers love this game but it's quite hard to pass some levels. One of hardest stage is 72. Please try below tips

many game players said that they have do some tricks like
dropping not used posions
eliminating a side to fall down other side bubbles
breaking crystal bubbles with same color etc

But the problem is when the bubbles is out there are still items on the top. Sure it's easy if you have pink gem to bomb - snowflake. but it's not the answers

bubble mania level 72

bubble mania level 72

So you can try some tricks :

first try to aim high, by this way you can stop the Sludge from moving too far. and try to make the sludge moves outwards better than inwards. this will help you much.

other tips is that you can pick off the sides as you can . but do it without matching too many poisons. And you can try aim boost , because this is good to bounc off the walls. Then try to clear off as high as you can. And also try to get it inward toward the center from left and right sides.

Don't forget to avoid of clearing poisons until reaching the last few in the center, after you can clear the center ones then all the bubbles below it will drop. Next step after this is easier. So just use aim bost it's not need to use gems

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