100 Rooms Level 42

This is the last stage of this update. and this is game guide for 100 rooms level 42. We try to give you step by step hints.

1. pick up hammer and a hose (the circle one)

100 rooms level 42
100 rooms level 42 solution

2. pick up drill from shelf behind aquarium
3. take paper beside window
4. pick up wood on table behind brick wall
5. zoom to pipe and pickup scissors (it location is on window above pipe)

100 rooms level 42
"100 rooms level 42" walkthrough

6. assemble paper+scissors+wood+drill then tap it to pipe
7. Hit the brick wall by hammer until it broken. then tap hose to fix the pipe, now you can open the door.

well this is not difficult, that's for 100 rooms level 42. Now move to next level here

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