100 Rooms Level 41

This is Step by step hints for 100 Rooms Level 41 Game.

1. Pickup hammer from behind coffin
2. from the wall get the wires
3. open drawer and pickup magnet

100 rooms level 41
"100 rooms 41" game

4. take pliers
5. assemble wire+pliers to create a hook
6. use hook you have made to take ball f yarn
7. break coffin by hammer
8 tap pliers and use it to pickup tooth (it's in skeleton)

100 rooms level 41
100 rooms level 41 game

9. tap tooth+magnet+yarn
10. put that tooth+yarn into the hole in the ground
11. now take the lighter by using tooth+yarn
12. zoom the coffin and tap lighter
13. so now you need one more digit of 94?317 ... and the complete code is 946317, roms

100 rooms level 41 is Done, Now please read next level game guide

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