100 Rooms Level 40

We have a bug experience in stage-39 game, and after developer fix it now we can continue to 100 rooms level 40 guide. In this level game players have to assemble a bomb from a bottle of vodka. Let's start the guide steps

100 rooms level 40

100 rooms 40

1. Collect the items : clock and chairs,
2. pickup box and bottle (vodka) beside window
3. get umbrella, rope and pen below painting

100 rooms 40
100 rooms level 40 walkthrough

4. Now time for assembling game, simply combine box + bottle then unite with chairs then with clock then rope and finally combine with the pen.

5. If you do above step right , you will get a bomb
6. Now place the bomb you have created in front of door, but you have to protect your self from bomb blast, so use umbrella wow cool what kind of umbrella is this? the game developer made a steel umbrealla :)
7. tap the detonator (it's the pen :) . Done, what a nice game

After completed 100 rooms level 40 game, for detail solution you can look at the pic here

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