100 Rooms Level 39

Many gamers stuck on this stage. try this 100 Rooms level 39 hints. Well the idea of this game step is to dial the lock with the right combination. It's not easy but you can try the solution / answer.

Try the steps below :
1. Pick up the hammer on top of the door
2. Tap the black cone on the bench (for stetoscope)

The image below is answer for rooms stage 38
100 rooms level 39
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100 rooms level 39 walkthrough

next 100 rooms 39 game steps:

3.go through the room and pickup the knife
4. also take ear piece of stethoscoope
5. get the stetoscope tube by using knife to top left corner of the picture
6. pickup handle of hammer from left side of safe

100 rooms level 39

7. assemble stethoscope from 3 parts of your inventory
8. assemble hammer from 2 parts
9. tap stetoscope place it to safe
10. rotate the dial lock with 3 left - 7 right - 6 left - 9 right
11. open safe, pickup a stick from safe
12. put metal stick to hole in rock of sword, hit by hammer then you will get sword, use the sword to open the door

Hope this game hints help you to solve 100 rooms level 39, if you are still stuck please look at the image hints here

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