100 Rooms Level 38

Well Actually this is not so difficult, but if you are stuck please follow 100 Rooms Level 38 answer below. You don't need walkthrough , simply change the color of the squares with the right color below.

Game image
100 rooms level 38

100 rooms level 38 walkthrough

The idea of the level is to place the right color with following the lines, but because of too many lines then it's confusing.

So the answer for 100 rooms 38 is :

Game picture
100 rooms level 38

(sequence is started from left top row)

  • first row, there are four squares : Green-Red-Red-Green
  • second row, there are only 2 squares : Blue-Blue
  • third row with 2 square : Yellow-Yellow
  • fourth row, there are four squares : Red-Blue-Green-Yellow

Done, and you are solving this 100 rooms level 38 game. for detail answer please look at the picture here

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