100 Rooms Level 37

On this stage there are tricks with animals, Use our hints in 100 rooms level 37 to guide you to finish the game. The answer is let the dog take the key from doggy hole on the door.

1. get the hammer from the shelf, take also cheese
2. hit the hammer on wall where bricks appear

100 rooms level 37

100 rooms level 37 guide

3. tap hole in the wall and get the dog (in cage)
4. pickup bird feed on the shelf beside the hole
5. put cheese on poison glass
6. go to window , pick up net then place bird feed on tray

Rooms game
100 rooms level 37

7. wait for bird eating the feed
8. tap net to the bird , you will get key of dog cage
9. now put cheese (which has been poisoned) on the ground to trap mouse

game image
100 rooms level 37

100 rooms 37

10. pick up dead mouse
11. open dog cage with key (key from the bird)
12. now tap dead mouse and tap lizard so it move away from door
13. now let the dog to get the key from doggy hole on the door

Well you have solved 100 rooms level 37 game . for better solution of the game please look at the image here

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