100 Rooms Level 36

Welcome to the solution guide of 100 rooms level 36 walkthrough. The goal is to open the door that guarded by a monster. Don't woory follow the hints below to get the answer

100 rooms level 36
Game guide steps
1. Tap rope, map and lantern .
2. Tap 3 shovels.
3. tap the rope froom inventory then tap left hole
4. place lantern to left hole now go down

100 rooms level 36

100 rooms level 36 walkthrough

Next game guide steps
5. Welcome to the maze of the game
tap brown shovel. look at the map to know where you have to dig
tapping the dirt 2x with the shovel = a move . (this means first tap is to open a hole, then second tap to move into that direction) .

"100 rooms level 36" guide
6. start the game by choosing brown shovel then tap 2x

  • go right. tap the screen 8x
  • now you have to Turn right. then tap 6x
  • go right. tap screen 2x
  • next Turn to left. tap 4x
  • go left. tap 6x
  • go left again. tehn tap 6x
  • go right then tap 4x

100 rooms 36

100 rooms level 36 walkthrough

7. Now beat the animal by rainbow shovel to its leg (foot)
8. Then simply tap silver shovel to the door

Game Complete.
Good job, you have finished 100 rooms level 36. For better understanding of the game look at the picture here

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