100 Rooms Level 34

How to beat this smartphone game for 100 rooms level 34 ? well it's not so difficult, the key is to assemble screw driver, saw and well level handle. Let's start the guide

100 rooms level 34

1. Look at the door, pickup screwdriver handle from door.
2. Now move to left , you will find the table, take screwdriver-tip, now you can assemble a screwdriver from handle and tip in your inventory

100 rooms level 34

100 rooms level 34 answer

3. go to wooden net, pickup screws and saw-handle (this is on the shelf behind wooden net)
4. now move to left of the well then pickup blade of saw.
now assemble a saw combine handle, blade and screws (use screwdriver to unite the items), coninue to next "100 rooms level 34" game steps

5. now go back to table then use saw to cut wood from wooden bar
6. then pickup a handle from right side of well (it's on the ground)
7. now assemble a well-lever from handle+wood from inventory
put the lever on the well

100 rooms level 34

100 rooms 38

8. look at still on right of well on the ground, pick up the cord
9. tap and drag lever to pull the bucket from well
10. now take the key from bucket, then open the door

You just have finished the mission of 100 rooms level 34 , hope the solution help you, watch also the picture's clue here

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