100 Rooms Level 31 Solution

Welcome to the new update puzzle of the game, and this is 100 rooms level 31 solution guide. Since The game is complicated please follow step by step the hints below

100 rooms level 31

100 rooms level 31

We begin with the previous level which is 30

1. go to drawer beside cupboard then get matches box
2. Now got the cupboard and pickup the coat (the black one)
3. Go down and pick up knife then cut the curtain
4. Burn the straw with matches
5. pickup hook below burnt straw
6. cut the suit with knife to get the wires
7. hang the hook + curtain , pickup the key

100 rooms level 31

8. with that key open drawer and pickup the rods
9. make spring from metal rods+wires
10. place the spring on the door
Now you can go to next level

100 rooms 31

1. First you have to Go to left , then touch plants, now you can take stick from middle plant
2. Then go to cabinets to take sweets from the plate
3. use the sweets from step 2 above to the horse to show the tail
4. Now you have to get some horse tail by using the stick
5. Make a bow ith hair and stick
6. now turn to left and tap the bow on violin. pickup key from safe on the shelf
7. Finally use the key to open the door

Congratulation you have completed 100 rooms level 31, now go to next level, for more detail look at the picture here

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