100 Gates Level 31 Solution

There are many puzzle games but this one has good graphics, if you need 100 gates level 31 solution please look at the hints below.

The Previous level before this, is stage 30 which the answer is like this

100 gates level 31

100 gates level 31

Stage 30 Game
1. tap center and drag bottom right key
2. tap center 2x then drag bottom left one
3. tap center 2x and choose the top left one
4. tap center 2x and choose top tight key

100 gates 31

100 Gates 31 Guide
You will see some gear spinning in the screen
The game rule is counting. So just count gear full rotation before change the rotation direction
Or if you don't want to count we did it, this is the answer for each gear from left gear to right gear : 4-3-6 then 9

Now we have finished 100 gates level 31 games, now please move to next level here

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